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They say timing is everything in life which I believe to be true as I discuss how and when I was introduced to
Seed Nutrition and its positive impact on my life.


I’ve always been a truth seeker for what’s best to feed the body, especially with the constant changing
information regarding nutrition which can become confusing, frustrating, and overwhelming at times.
However, several years ago I heard absolute truth when I was encouraged to listen to Dr. Bradley Weeks, an
Integrative Medical Doctor, organic farmer and beekeeper give a presentation at the TRUTH ABOUT CANCER
SYMPOSIUM. ( Find that presentation here )


 Among the many points he addressed regarding all diseases and particularly Cancer was his emphasis on the importance of what you feed your body, and how feeding your body Seed Nutrition-specifically Soul and Core is essential for your health.
He discussed extensively how everything begins with the seed where all our food supply begins and all the
nutrients reside. He went on to talk about the Black Cumin Seed, its numerous health benefits, along with the
grape chardonnay seed and the black raspberry seed, all contained in the nutritional supplement Soul by Rain
International. He also discussed the product Core, a green drink containing the black cumin seed and ten other
powerful seeds. 


I had no idea at the time that three weeks after listening to his presentation on seed nutrition it would have a
life changing impact on my life. At the time I had to go in for my five-year checkup from breast cancer and was
looking forward to putting the journey behind me, however, I was soon to find out life had other plans as the
cancer had returned.


After processing the shock and despair I remembered Dr. Weeks presentation and his emphasis on the power of Soul and Core Seed Nutrition. My despair turned to hope. I got on Soul and Core, and I’ve been on this journey ever since. I will say after having been on Soul and Core for only nine days my blood work was taken again. My Naturopath at the time was amazed with my results and just encouraged me to keep doing what I was doing, which I did.

For a short live presentation on my brief story I invite you to checkout this video on my facebook page!

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